Below list from the 1932 California Blue Book

Township Constables

In 1932, the San Diego County Charter was revised to change the status of locally elected constables. Previously, the local townships would have a justice of the peace who was elected by the citizens of the judicial township. The officer of this court was the elected constable.  In some cases, the Board of Supervisors made special appointments as needed. 

Under the 1932 charter, the sheriff would be responsible for the selection, training and supervision of constables. Most of the incumbents remained in their respective positions and continued to be referred to as constables and/or deputy sheriffs. 

Badge issued by Howard S Jopling. He was listed as a deputy sheriff in 1921 and later a DMV Traffic Officer (early CHP). He and his wife also managed an employment office in down town.

San Diego Badge History

Fallbrook Justice Court pictured above

San Diego TWP Court #1. Judge Arthur Mundo. 03/12/1931

Badge issued by Constable Harry Webber of TWP #1.  1919-30's.