Dan Weiss - dweiss101@gmail.com - www.californiapolicepatch.weebly.com 

Always looking for old SDPD badges and patches, as well as items from California State University. Thanks!

​​Michael Rich - mrichk9@hotmail.com

I am a Sergeant on the San Diego Harbor Police and am the Author of "Images of America, San Diego Harbor Police." I have taken it upon myself to gather the historic items from my department and document my department's past. I also collect local San Diego patches and badges surrounding San Deigo Bay. I look forward to sharing my department's history and speaking to other collectors and historians. 

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San Diego Badge History

PHIL COLONNELLI - duiphil@hotmail.com

I am a San Diego native and a retired Inglewood, CA PD Police Traffic Accident Investigator. I collect badges and patches worn by sworn LEO's from all San Diego County area Law Enforcement agencies. Please contact me and provide a picture or scan of any items you have available for sale.

Ken Toler - 14toler@gmail.com

Your host at  sandiegobadge.com

I am always looking for San Diego badges to add to my collection or photograph for the site.